сряда, 20 февруари 2013 г.

To forget?

What happened to "you should have more faith in me"? I guess, the same thing that happened to all the other things you said. You never believed in them, why you asked me to believe? Why you made me feel guilty that I doubted in you? Now it seems I was right back then... But it doesn't matter now anyway, I believed (in) you. And now you ask me to forget?! ok. I am not going to promise anything, because promises... they don't mean anything to me. I even never liked that word - promise... People who give promises obviously don't have anything else to give. And people who need them... well, they are just desperate. So I am just going to live... and see what happens. I suggest you find whatever is screwing up your head and fix it, because I don't know how the fuck you are going to live with yourself. And don't wait others to make choices for you, to make steps and walk instead of you. You are not a cripple. Or are you...?

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